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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is is a do-it-yourself text message solution that offers both interactive and broadcast text message marketing. Users can be up and running within minutes.

Who uses has a wide variety of users. Some of the largest users of our mobile marketing services are advertising agencies and TV/radio stations. There are also a lot of auto dealers, nightclubs, retailers, schools and universities, and newspapers. The most common applications are sweepstakes, coupons and notifications for businesses.

How can I learn more about the mobile marketing industry?

We recommend the Text Message Blog that reports on the mobile marketing industry. We also write a blog on the site. And, there is a series of mobile marketing press releases on the site as well.


What is the difference between interactive and broadcast text messaging?

Interactive programs involve sending a keyword to the short code 96362 and getting a response message back immediately. Broadcast programs involve your sending a simultaneous text message to a large database of users.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is the word that is sent via text message to 96362 that identifies your service. For example, text RESULTS to 96362. Keywords are not case-sensitive, therefore it doesn't matter if you capitalize some, all or none of the letters of the keyword. When advertising a keyword, we recommend capitalizing the keyword in your advertisement so that it stands out from the rest of the message

I want to purchase a package that contains one keyword. What if I need more than one keyword? allows for you to purchase additional keywords for $10 each per month.

How can I re-use a keyword for another service and/or campaign?

In the case in which you have a keyword that is currently being used for an active campaign and you want to use that keyword for a different service or campaign, you need to do the following: First click on My Services, check the box of the campaign that contains the keyword you want to re-use. Click the "End Service" button at the bottom of the page Your keyword can now be used again in a new service.

How many messages are sent per minute?

That’s mostly up to the carriers. will pass off the messages to the carrier. The carriers are companies such as Verizon and AT&T Wireless. Once the messages are delivered to the carrier, it is up to the carrier to deliver them. It is our experience that most messages are received by the recipient in a matter of seconds. Usually, when a delay occurs, it is not that is the source of the delay, but heavy traffic in a particular region at the carrier level.