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You can text all of the phone numbers in your Alert 7 Mobile account with our built-in bulk SMS tool and send thousands of picture text messages (MMS) with a single click - perfect for sales flyers, seasonal cards, and custom banners for branding. You can also schedule these Mobile eCards ahead of time so you don’t miss a thing!

Alert 7 Mobile eCard Templates

Sales / Promotions

Grab everyone's attention by sending an exciting eCard announcing your sale or special promotion and make sure it gets seen right away.

Sales / Promotions

People lose business cards but they don't lose their phones. Send a custom business card that leaves a lasting impression.


Celebrate the spirit of Christmas with eCards that are sure to warm hearts.

New Year's

Start off the year right and text your New Year's wishes or even a personalized coupon/ offer.


Wish a Happy Birthday with an eCard that includes a special birthday coupon or offer.

Valentine's Day

Share the love and stay connected with a nice eCard that includes a personalized message.

Send this eCard and more!